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Signatures for An E-cigarette Petition to the AAP, ACS, AHA, American Legacy Foundation, ALA, AMA, ASH, FDA, Public Citizen CTFK and Americans for Nonsmokers Rights

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1 JeffMcCafferty  
2 TimothyMallory Smoked 35 years. Vapped for 2 months and feel much better.
3 TressieMartin E-Cigs have allowed me to get rid of the cough and lack of energy that has plagued me for years, while still enjoying the cigarette.
4 JeffreyCarter E-cigarettes are a wonderful product. If they were pulled from the market, I would then be 100% certain the above named groups are fighting for one thing and one thing alone - their wallets.
5 LoreeHolliday I will not donate to any of these charities until this wrong is righted and make sure everyone I talk to knows what they are doing. If I could figure out how, I would also demand all the money donated in the name of my deceased family members be returned!
6 BarrySpath  
7 CathyBixler After 46 years of smoking a pack a day and attempts to quit which include hypnosis, Zyban, stop smoking classes, the patch, cold turkey, and support groups I have found the electronic cigarette, which actually WORKS! You must reconsider your stance.
8 VanessaRubin  
9 ColinDay Electronic cigarettes saved my life. To ban a life saving product is ludicrous, and just shows in and of itself that the attempted ban can only be driven by an agenda to preserve tax dollars and the huge profits of the pharmaceuticals.
10 ELambias I would like to ask the groups involved to stop trying to ban e-cigarettes. Banning these devices will do nothing but hurt the American citizens that are trying to better their lives.
11 RollandJohnson I smoked for 50 years. I quit in just 4 days using e-gigs. None of the NRTs worked.
12 RandyMartin I have switched to electronic cigarettes after smoking regular cigarettes for 40 years. I feel much better, my breathing has improved, I no longer have a smokers cough. The electronic cigarette has been a god send.
13 brendawood I am a 1 1/2 year user of PV's (ecigs) and have been tobacco free for over a year. If a ban were to take effect, I know I would revert to tobacco, as NONE of the NRT's on the market worked for me, and some made me very very ill.
14 NancySteward I have been using the electronic cigarette for almost 7 months now. I feel the best That I have felt in years. Considering I have MS that is a great achievment. But I know that if e-cigs are banned I will go back to smoking high tar cigaretres.So very sa
15 JonDoss The day I picked up the E-cigarette was the last day I purchesed I pack of cigarettes.. 14 days smoke free...
16 BradPreston Millions of lives are at stake here - do not waste the opportunity to embrace the e-cigarette as a vastly reduced-harm alternative to smoking tobacco.
17 VirginiaMaxhimer I smoked 2-2 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day for 40+ years.Tried everything to stop, even hypnosis seminars. Nothing worked until I found the eCigarette. I haven't felt this this well in years. No more coughing or shortness of breath.eCig has saved my life.
18 TimothySanderson  
19 PamelaFarrell I had been smoking for 33 years when I discovered the electronic cigarette 7 months ago. I had given up on quitting smoking, I had tried every NRT out there. I have not had a cigarette in 7 months because of the e-cig, I feel so much better.
20 TimPoynton Please treat electronic cigarettes with the same level of scrutiny as other nicotine replacement therapies
21 GaryCox Smoked for 15+ years, been using e-cig for 4 months with GREAT 100% SUCCESS. Never even knew I could feel this good after finally putting the cigarette out. Military and used all other ways to try to quit with NO success until I discovered e-smoking.
22 JohnParadiso After 35 years of smoking I have been cigarette free for one year. I have no doubt that if it were not for electronic cigarettes, I would still be smoking cigarettes today.
23 JohnJasper Sr. After trying everything else to quit smoking tabacco I finally stopped using the e-cigarette. I beseach you not to send me back to this deadly habit by banning the e-cigarette. Please Do Not ban my only option to a healthy life.
24 PieterBranderhorst Electronic cigarettes can save the lives of millions of chronic smokers. The organizations addressed by this petition should be strongly supporting electronic cigarettes, not opposing them!
25 ChristianneStrang Please consider withdrawing your active support for the classification of e-cigs as drug delivery devices. That classification will result in immense harm to people like me who have switched to this arguably safer product.
26 ElizabethMilford  
27 PaulCalvillo Personal vaporizers have helped me quit smoking traditional cigarettes after 32+ years of smoking. I could have NEVER done it without them.
28 ErikAndreasen Smoker for 16+ years now on 3rd month tobacco-free with e-cigs. Tried all approved OTC NRTs w/no success. E-cigs offer an effective alternative to adult smokers. Keep them on the market.
29 AdamRudolph Please approve testing these devices and their eventual classification as tobacco related delivery so you can tax it, make money off of it, and leave us to use our devices. Banning them would leave us no choice but resuming our death march. SAVE LIVES!
30 JerryJackson The govermnment has taken enough of our rights. Now they are looking to take our right to live!
31 HarryKholer  
32 PaulBirch Knowing many who have abandoned multi-decade, multi-pack cigarette habits using e-cigarettes (myself being about 85% of the way there), I can only conclude that those seeking their prohibition are not so much against smoking as they are against smokers.
33 DavidColtrane Please use real science and common sense, not the FDA's obviously biased "study" and their ridiculously inflated conclusions to inform your position.
34 PamelaEvenrude I was a smoker for 31 years, tried quitting so many times with so many products approved by the FDA, none worked and even worse most of them made me sick! I started vaping over 100 days ago, and have not picked up a traditional cig since!And feel great!
35 TimHarrison I was a 1 to 2 packs a day smoker for over 40 years before finding e-cigarettes.And had tried all ways to quite and noting worked till I started with E-CIGS. It has been a year and a half since I smoked my last cigarette.My over all health has improved
36 MichaelStomiany I am an adult and I choose to use electronic cigarettes.
37 YolandaVilla 44 years of smoking and multiple failed quit attempts, with all your touted but worthless FDA approved cessation aids - finally ended 1 & 1/2 years ago when I switched to an electronic cigarette. And now you would have me return to smoking? Shame on you!
38 RyanTeisan PLEASE do not Ban e-cigarettes, they have helped me and many others to quit smoking. There are many studies done that show they are harmless, they do not contain the carcinogens that their tobacco counterparts do.
39 RichardSchaeffer  
40 MichaelAnderson  
41 CarlMoore  
42 PatriciaClewell This is pretty straightforward for me. I smoked for 30+ years--until I got an e-cigarette 13 months ago. It's one or the other for me. If I can't vape, I'll smoke. I'd rather vape. My body, my choice.
43 AprilWolford Electronic cigarettes have improved the quality of my life in all aspects. It seems as though the organizations against ecigs are not acting in the best interest of the people, only the money they receive from pharmaceutical & tobacco companies.
44 DavidOtt I smoked for 17 years. The past 5 years I smoked 2+ packs per day. I enjoyed smoking, but not what it was doing to me. I have tried everything available to quit to no avail. I found the electronic cigarette, and I haven't had a regular cigarette since
45 JasonD'Onofrio "E-cigarettes" have helped me cut down my smoking significantly to the point where I believe I can quit smoking traditional cigarettes. I have been a pack a day+ smoker for over 10 years and have never been able to even remotely cut down before.
46 KrisSmull 20+ year smoker, not smoking tobacco anymore. 4 ingredients vs 4000... is there even a doubt?
47 WendySmith  
48 JerryFoisy I have been using the electronic cigarette exclusively for eight months. I have not smoked for six months. I have had no adverse effects from the electronic cigarette. To the contrary, my health has improved. It is a wonderful product.
49 darrenpuffett best thing ever helped me give up smoking when all else had failed after 25 years of smoking.
50 RobertLonergan Mine was a 42+ year, 3 Pack a day smoking habit. I have tried every other alternative and spent over $10,000 trying to quit smoking. I got my first Electronic Cigarette in January, 2010 and have not had a cigarette since.
51 AaronMurphy Alot of lives depend on it.
52 WaltNickell After 25 years of smoking and a history of heart disease, I am now smoke-free, cigarette-free, and tobacco-free thanks to electronic cigarettes. Banning will only doom myself and others into returning to the smoking habit that has already proven deadly.
53 MaryBolack  
54 Dr. LiweiXu  
55 KathleenFischer I was a 44 year smoker with no more hope of quitting, even faced with failing health. With a e-cig I beat the odds, healed myself, and would be very sad to see such an effective and useful tool fall by the wayside out of pure ignorance of the facts.
56 EliasChiampas 22 year old. smoked cigarettes since i was 16. Since switching over to the electronic cigarette i have had no adverse side effects. i feel now the same as i felt before i smoked. No more shortness of breath/cough, as well as regaining my sense of taste.
57 KyleBuehler I quit regular cigarettes 1.5 weeks after receiving my e-cigarette. It has been 9 weeks and I will NEVER go back to regular cigarettes, I cannot stand the taste or smell of them anymore, they make me sick.
58 AprilHarres Electronic cigarettes have saved my mothers life, she switched to them after a round of ICU visits and hasnt had a severe copd flare up since since she switched from two packs a day!
59 JackieCrow For these alphabet agencies to call for the banning of e-cigarettes, which have the potential to save thousands (if not millions) of lives, brings into question the reason for their very exitence. Evidently it really isn't about "health".
60 PamelaMcCarrell E cigs have been a blessing to me. I tried chantix, several other things and nothing worked. This has ! I breathe better , my BP is down and I Feel Better ! Please help us keep this option available to us.
61 LucianoManente It's amazing to me that these bans are even a consideration. Greed is a powerful Foe, But this is America. Truth And Justice MUST PREVAIL!!!
62 JayBaltz I support ecigarettes for adult smokers!
63 PENNYMCMORROW i smoked 2 packs a day for 37 years. i have been vaping for 11 weeks and feel much better now i can breath easy and enjoy life with my kids. thanks to e ciggs.im a happy vaper.
64 ChristinaSmith  
65 LaurelONeill If it wasn't for the electronic cigarette I wouldn't have been able to give up my 25+ year habit of smoking having tried every other method. Please do not support banning these devices which have helped so many people like myself quit.
66 DianeJohnson  
67 MaceBewley  
68 DaveLarsen I am a committed vaper and do not wish to return to deeply toxic cigarettes. I smoked for over 40 years and was never able to quit, regardless the method or medical prescription used. Vaping undoubtedly has extended my life.
69 AmandaFisher I have been a smoker for 15 years. Now, due to e-cigs, I have quit smoking and claimed my life back!
70 JulieKurtz-Kunesh I started using the ecigarette four months ago and I have not had a traditional cigarette since. These devices work and are beneficial for people who want to stop smoking. Banning them would be ludicrous when they can help so many get off tobacco.
71 MarthaSeward 40+ years of smoking, smoke free 9 1/2 months. I feel awesome! It's all about money, if these organizations truly care about my health and others they will back the "ecigs" for consenting adults and STOP trying to ban them.
72 terrysutton  
73 leilanibruce I am 65 yrs old and would Never have quit smoking regular cigarettes if it weren't for the e-cigs.I feel better and am saving lots of money,and to top it off do Not have to rely on PILLS!!
74 StephenWilliamson I am a 57 year old man who smoked up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day for the past 40 years. Since I began using my e-cigarette, I have not had one cigarette and do not wish to start again. Please keep e-cigs legal and available to adults.
75 GregHester I challenge each of these organizations to explain to me why I should stop using my electronic cigarette and go back to traditional cigarettes. That's what they obviously want. So why?
76 StacyWaidelich  
77 RossWalker Dont force me back to a life of traditional cigarettes and a slow painful death.
78 AnnAkers Thank goodness for the ecig, I have my life back.
79 HaroldHayes Stopped smoking cigarettes July 2009. After 3 days using an electronic cigarette. I will soon be using 0mg product.
80 bethnole I have asthma and have smoked for over 20 years. I was using my inhaler everyday to be able to breathe properly. Since using my electronic cigarette the past 4 months, I never need my asthma spray anymore. We all deserve to have the right to choose!
81 TomSidloski I started using an e-cig on 18 January, 2009 and stopped smoking regular cigarettes on 19 January, 2009. It has been 15 months since then and the health benefits of not inhaling tobacco smoke has been remarkable. Thank you Tom Sidloski
82 DanDuszak  
83 LaurieOakley I feel e-cigarettes have saved my life. Since discovering the e-cig, I have gone from 2 pks a day for over 40 years to none. I can breath again! My cough is GONE! I can smell and taste again. It is truly amazing. Please don't take this away from us.
84 JanJohnson It's my dream that someday the struggle to make the electronic cigarette available to people without scientific obscurification of the facts will become a reality.
85 sepiakirkbride The e-cig is solely responsable for my quitting smoking, and being able to subsequently, and very quickly stop smoking the e-cigg as well. This is the only effective means for quitting smoking out there, I know because I've tried them all
86 JeffBaughman The electronic cigarettes has been a god send for me & my family. I'm healthier and my kids don't complain that I smell like smoke. :)
87 PaulReynolds The Anti-Smoking movement have now "morphed" into zealots, determined to impose their will upon actual or would-be ex-smokers who depend on electronic cigarettes as a viable alternative to tobacco products. This amounts to a "Hate-Crime.
88 KellyHudson  
89 LarryBrownfield I was a smoker of 3 packs a day until the ecig came into my life, should be treated as the 8th wonder of the world instead it's getting treated like it's a Plague. Come on wakeup people, do something good for the people, leave the money out of this.
90 JeffreyWebb As someone who smoked from age 15 to age 34, and quit effortlessly with the use of eCigs, I find most of the argulements against these devices patently ludicrous. Flavors only appeal to kids? I'm 35 now, and I love Count Chocula...
91 DarylPrice I was a smoker for 20 years 2 or 3 packs a day..After getting a e cig i no longer smoke and i can breathe good again and feel amazing..It has been a life saver for me and my family..and know you want to take it away..This is crazy.
92 dancameron  
93 BarryCallaway I have been smoking for over 30 years.I have been enjoying electronic cigarettes for six months without regular cigs. I will continue to smoke one or the other. Think about it, long productive life or cancer sticks.
94 jonknapp the E-Cig has helped me quit tobacco cigarettes, it can be done with or without fda approvel, with products freely avalible and approved by the fda in the manner used. i have felt better since may 23rd 2009 when i quit tobacco cigarettes and vaped only.
95 vancewatson a pack a day smoker for 30 years. I tried all of the NRTs and none worked until I started with my PV. 3 months tobacco free now. No ill effects at all. This is not an issue for the FDA to be involved in at all. Go back to worrying about food products.
96 BrianRobison  
97 CherylRichter I hope you do the right thing -- stand up to big Pharma and big Tobacco and take a stand for the millions of smokers who might die if not for the e-cigarette.
98 ChesterBoren I smoked for 10 years and switched to vaping 10/01/2009 and haven't had a cigarette sense. Sense I switched my lungs feel much more clear. I can breath a lot better and my wife's asthma has greatly improved!
99 JeanBlackwood I have been a smoker of about 25 cigarettes a day for about 35 years and I bought an e-cigarette on 02-07-2010 and have not had a tobacco cigarette since . I feel better ,I breathe so much clearer. My cough is completely gone . I have had no ill affects
100 DerrinKluth As a future health care professional, I think it would be a travesty if the reduced harm tobacco option that could save millions of smokers' lives is dead before it can matter on a grand scale.