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101 KathleenCallaway I have been off traditional cigs for 9 months.I smoked 20+ years.I dont feel tired anymore and I can breathe again.Let us continue to keep our e-cigs.
102 JaniceLee Advertising got me started smoking in my teens. 40 plus yrs. ago. Could not quit even when I got health problems (brain hemorrhage). None of the stop smoking aids helped. Since I started vaping (2 months ago) I have not had an analog. Saved My LIFE !!
103 ScottRudiger Please don't make hypocrites of yourselves and go against your own mission statements. These devices save 100s of thousands of lives and could save potential millions. There is plenty of published research confirming that PVs are a much safer alternative.
104 RogerSmith I have smoked cigarettes for over 30 years. Now using the electronic cigarette and overall health has improved. NRT and drugs didn't work for me in the past and are unlikely to work for me in the future. This worked for me.
105 AlexMartinez I've been smoking for years, and I haven't thought twice about a cigarette since I got my vaporizer. If Doctors think it's healthier than cigarettes for Americans, and people in general, don't you think you should be listening to them?
106 NanetteWunnink Quit tobacco completely two years ago thanx to Electronic Cigarettes !
107 KatherineCooper I have stopped smoking cigarettes after 30 years of pack a day addiction with the help of electronic cigarettes. If they are banned, I'll have to revert to smoking 4,000 toxic substances. Please, don't force me to do that.
108 RebeccaGentry  
109 KellyLong Prior to October of 2009 I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years. Since October I have been using the e-cig with no ill effects. I can go to sleep at night without listening to the wheeze. My doctor says I'm well on my way to having completely healed lungs
110 BrianMatthews I was a 2-pack a day smoker for 20 years. Patches, gum, not even hospitalization for a respiratory illness stopped my habit. E-cigs instantly replaced cigarettes. I haven't felt this good in over a decade.
111 CharlesAndre Electronic cigarettes were effective at allowing me to quit tobacco products completely. Since switching to e-cigs, my health has improved substantially. Any organization that honestly cares about public health should support their use.
112 NickPetroski Smoked for 15 years before finding e-cigarettes. Haven't has one since. They have succeeded where the patch and gum has failed.
113 JTeller A 20+ year former smoker here. These devices are the first thing that has ever allowed me to stop smoking. I find it disgusting that these organizations are trying to ban these devices and send me back to smoking to "help" me.
114 ChristopherMikovits Smoke free for 5 months with vaping, after a 20 year addiction.
115 MarkDavis I've finally found a way to avoid the most harmful effects of my addiction to cigarettes. The attempt to take this away now is a great injustice and contrary to any sincere concern for public health.
116 KatherineBaker The e-cigarette has been a life SAVER for me. I had no hope of quitting cigarettes after almost 40 years of smoking. I am extremely disappointed that these groups want to take this away from me.
117 VickyBlauvelt After my 70 y/o father was diagnosed with lung cancer I had to quit smoking. This device has allowed me a reduced harm alternative to smoking. In 26 months, I have only used 30 cigarettes. Today I am smoke free. Other products/methods don't work! Choice!
118 KelliDevine How shameful,any organization that claims to be "pro-healty" would sentence one quarter of it's citizens to death! SHAME ON YOU!
119 amandamickelson please do dont ban these.they have saved my life...
120 briansigler I will smoke cigarettes if ecigarettes are banned. I have never seen anyone under twenty five years old use one.
121 kimborton  
122 JudMorrison 2-3 packs a day for 34 years. let's do that once more - - THIRTY-FOUR YEARS - - and I stopped by using an e-cigarette. With the additives in today's commercially available tobacco products, it's more difficult than ever to stop. These devices save lives.
123 BarbaraHaritonoff The best petition I have EVER signed
124 robertfountain I have quit smoking thank god for electric cigs
125 MikeStrawbridge The fact that these groups would rather someone continue the risk of smoking than use a reduced harm alternative like the e-cigarette speaks volumes about how much they really don't care about peoples' lives. No more support from me until this ends!
126 BobRoberts I tried an E Cigarette on December 6, 2009. Since then, I have not smoked a single cigarette; this after over 40 years of smoking two packs a day. I havenít felt better in years! I fail to see the reasoning behind banning a safer alternative for people wh
127 GeorgeSeder Which conflict of interest are you going to side with? Smokers who want to stay healthy, or special interests who depend financially on misery and death.
128 JimBarnes  
129 chrisbernier Save thousands if not millions of smokers from painful & expensive deaths. Don't ban PV's!
130 TaraBrzezinski I smoked for 20 years 2 packs a day. Vaping has changed my life, Im smoke free and enjoying life once again exercising and breathing and sleeping well. I am a adult and this is my life Vaping is better than the cigs the FDA wants me to buy
131 TeriWolfenbarger E-cigarettes saved me from a 33 yr/2 pack a day habit when nothing else could. Though I have not abstained from nicotine use, I have moved towards a healier lifestyle with the help of e-cigarettes and significantly improved my lung function in the process
132 michelebulatowicz  
133 maryannharczuk  
134 RogerBoucher Electronic cigarettes are saving my life, literally, and without question. What does that make those that want to take them away from me?
135 Rose MarieBoucher My husband no longer coughs, he can exercise again, and he doesn't stink anymore.
136 TinaDay I picked up my first cigarette at 12 years old. I picked up my first pv at 44 years young. I smoked my last cigarette 14 days after picking up my pv (personal vaporizer). I tried chantix and it only lasted a week, the side effects were too much to handle.
137 EricMoon I have been using the electronic cigarette since June 2007. I have only smoked a handful of cigarettes since, and have now been 100% smoke-free for over a year. Without the electronic cigarette, I would almost assuredly be smoking tobacco cigarettes
138 RobbeyLai Your ban will do more harm than good. You will give big tobacco back it's power over us. Why don't you ban cigarettes if you are so concerned about our health?
139 MikeH After 10 months of use E-cigs have simply worked for me where all other quit products on the market have failed. Zyban was the next closest product until I experienced a life threatening allergic reaction about 3 weeks into treatment. Had I died from the
140 LiamBurns  
141 MichaelClark I support the usage of this device. It has not only helped a friend of mine, but also my mother shows interest in this product as well.
142 DanDashnaw Please read the facts and do the right thing.
143 CarolHunter Dont make me go back to cigarettes.
144 Brandynde'Masi All the data on electronic cigarettes shows that they are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes. They have allowed thousands of people to switch to a less harmful version of their habit. They should be considered harm reduction and kept legal.
145 MichaelKernan I have used chewing tobacco and smoked for 20+ years. The E-Cigarette has made me tobacco free, and I am on my way to freeing myself from nicotine all together. Thanks to E-Cigarettes.
146 ToniBerman Smoked for 14 years, starting using ecigarette and quit the same day. MUCH healthier, no second hand smoke near my kids, I am in heaven!!!! LOVE IT!
147 derrickkoller I agree with everything said in the above petition, as a current vapor and former smoker ecigs have been a great change in my life, please don't force me to go back to using combustible cigarettes which will kill me.
148 ChuckShepherd I've been vaping for 181 days after smoking 1-2 packs of cigs for 35 years. Don't expect donations from my family or friends. Change your position-stick to your missions. E-cigs can help save lives! You're making a bad, uninformed mistake and you know it!
149 JohnReynolds  
150 RickHageman 35 year, 2 pack a day smoker. Quit cigarettes 3 days after replacing with a personal vaporizer. I am just about to celebrate my first year (ever)tobacco free.
151 EduardoAlmeida Reis Please consider your current position is also adversely affecting countless lives around the world. I am not an American citizen, and I'm here to urge you to open-mindedly examine and compassionately embrace the idea of reduced harm.
152 DonleyWilson I have been using a electric cigarette since July of 2009. I have not had a single traditional cigarette since I have switched. I previously smoked 2.5 to 3 packs a day of full flavored cigarettes for 35 years. I am 51 years old this year.
153 KeithM E-cigs saved my life and i never caugh and spit blood like i did when i smoked ciggarettes! My doctor gave me a clean bill of health and havent smoked in 6 months. E-Cig saved me~
154 SteveBryson I am positive that the e-cigarette has saved my life! I use my e-cig as an alternative to tobacco and my health is improving daily. Please don't take away this healthier alternative in the name of improving MY HEALTH; its just WRONG
155 JamesAnderson  
156 DBrady All my donations have stopped,i have seen the reality of what my donations are put towards.When 'health'groups decided to actively support killing people slowly enough is enough.( I can't believe they would choose cigarettes over E-Cigs! )
157 mistyburke My mom has smoked for 36 yrs. She has emphasema, COPD, & reduced lung function. She tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking & never quit until e-cigs. If you take away e-cigs, we will surely be back to cigarettes. That is not better for us
158 KatieYoung My boyfriend has been smoke free since 2/1/10 thanks to e-cigarettes. I have seen a significant improvement in his health including no more coughing fits, weight loss, and no rattling in his chest from the congestion. I'm so thankful!!!!
159 MarkDailey I am in full support as to the basis of this petetion and it's requests.
160 susanking e cig is saving my life... i've tried other products to quite smoking and not one of them worked for me untill the day i found the eletronic cigarette... it has been a wonderful product in helping me fight my addiction in cigarettes...
161 DanielHenschel I have been using e-cigs for over two years, and have been 100% smoke free for the majority of that time. I believe e-cigs represent a huge boon to public health, and that movements to ban e-cigs are not motivaed by a genuine concern for the public health
162 MonikaSarac I smoked a pack a day for eleven years. I tried quitting multiple times, and all methods failed. I made a last-ditch attempt in February to quit, this time with e-cigs. I haven't had a smoke since the day I got them. My health has improved drastically.
163 ScottDeSanctis  
164 WilliamHarbottle Please keep e-cigarrettes legal.
165 LisaBell  
166 SeanAdams  
167 TrautiBoyd For the first time in 35 yrs i am smokefree [as of 2-20-10]. I was not able to do this with any of the other nrts i tried.
168 CarolWilson My husband, best friend & myself have used e-cigs since 7/09; we have many friends & family that have converted also. We feel better, & don't smoke traditional cigs at all. This is a free rights issue also; adults choosing a healthier alternative.
169 BruceFarmer  
170 Maureenpeterson  
171 JohnLucas  
172 KathleenTraversari  
173 KathyPark Please allow us to continue to use ecigs as a much healthier alternative to smoking.
174 JamesQuantrell These things save lives.
175 MikeShelton  
176 RichTirado  
177 WandaRucker I have been smoke free for 4 months and the ecig is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I smoked for 35 years.
178 TimothyLanders  
179 Cliff & ValiPhillips Because of e-cigarettes, I stopped smoking cigarettes after 40+ years and my wife has stopped after 30+ years. These devices have greatly improved our lives since we stopped smoking cigarettes 10 months ago.
180 RandalMorris I smoked cigarettes for 22 years. I enjoyed it and did not want to quit, but knew that I should. E-cigarettes have been amazing for me; I feel better, healthier, and have not experienced any ill effects form using them.
181 DavidEmbrey I've smoked for almost 25 years. I started using an e-cig a couple of weeks before my 8yr old daughters birthday, with the hopes that by her birthday I would finally quit. Her birthday wish and my goal was granted. Please don't ban our hopes & goals!!!!!!
182 MarkRichmond As a registered Pharmacist in PA and a Vaper(who smoked 2 packs a day for 15 years), I can honestly say that these are Godsend to smokers looking for a healthier alternative.
183 EricWolf I was able to give up a 20 year pack-a-day habit over a year ago by switching to an e-cigarette. I have tried patches, gum, prescription drugs and hypnosis in the past in attempts to quit. None worked for me. Please don't deny others the chance.
184 breannadaughtridge Please dont take my life line away!
185 KimSalamone  
186 SharronEmrich 45 years of smoking cigarettes and stopped completely within 2 weeks of vaping! This IS the solution for me. Please don't take it away.
187 KaylaSmith  
188 KarolynSimpson Please do not vote to ban electronic cigarettes.I have smoked for over 50 years and this is the first product that has helped me get down to just a couple cigarettes a day.I have tried all the other NRT products with no success. Think harm reduction.
189 YuryKhaykin  
190 billmcclure I am new to e-cigarettes, but feel that I can finally quit smoking using this device. I have tried all FDA approved methods, but I can say, that the e-cigarette blows away all others away.
191 KevinBrewer  
192 JeremyMarsh Because of e-cigs I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. I breath better and am able to get around easier without a lose of breath. Because of e-cigs my mother, brother, brother-in=law were able quit smoking and thier dependency of nicotine all togather.
193 BarbaraLauman I would be going on my 50th year of smoking if I hadn't found e-cigs. I haven't had a regular cigarette for over 7 months and I feel and smell so much better. They are the best nicotine and non-nicotine replacement I've ever found.
194 BrandiTurney Please don't ban these. They have truly helped so many people, including myself, quit smoking.
195 RobertCabrera This has saved my life.
196 AngelaCabrera My husband smoked for 13 years and nothing helped to make him quit, and he tried several times. Finally this life saving device has ended his need for cancer causing tobacco cigarettes.
197 jenniferrose 2 weeks smoke free!
198 samuelswartz I smoked for 40 years and tried every available method to quit with no success. Within 1 day of getting an e-cigarette I had quit regular smoking! This is keeping me away from smoking and if banned will cause me to smoke again, or keep using the e-cigaret
199 StevenFreed  
200 marktravis What clinical evidence do these organizations have that Ecigs are worse than cigarettes for actual smokers? Worse than NRT's? None. How can you refute the hundreds of doctors who support Ecigs? Only with theories, no real facts.