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201 SeanBlock  
202 JasonWalters These things save lives. Don't take them away.
203 WilliamBarry We need to stop e-cigs from being outlawed by ignorant politicians. They are a god send to people who can't seem to find a way to get off regular cigarettes but don't want to die early due to any of the terrible side effects that regular cigarettes have.
204 ChuckBuhler Finally there is something that works to get ME off cigarettes. Please look past the misinformation that is being handed out on these and look at the people that have had success with them.
205 jimmietraylor The ecig is the only product that has helped me quit combustible cigarettes. I have not smoked a combustible cigarette for 8 months.I only use ecigs. I am pleased,my family is pleased,and my Doctor is pleased. The only one NOT pleased is the FDA.
206 JeffPriefert I hope that the agencies above would look at the facts and not have knee jerk reactions to issues they do not understand and have not fully studied.
207 patst. john electronic cigarettes have kept me from smoking for over a year now. I feel better physically, and I don't intend on stopping "vaping". I DO NOT want to go back to smoking cigarettes again, I'm afraid if e-cigs are banned I'll have no choice.
208 marilynharms I will not go back to using tobacco, I smoked for over 40 years!To ban ecigs is to mandate a death sentance for thousands of people! This is so wrong!
209 BruceGoodwater I was a 35 year cigarette smoker and then I tried an e-cigarette and 2 days later I was done using tobacco,that was 5/11/09.
210 HollyRoberts It would be a tragedy to deny people the choice to use e-cigs instead of cigarettes. Even the FDA's own testing proves that they are safer than tobacco cigarettes.
211 WadeAngel Please let us keep our eCigs.
212 JamesRoberts This is really a life or death issue for those who have switched from cigarettes and their many harmful chemicals to e-cigs. Lives are at stake, it really is that important.
213 AnthonyRogers I have been a cigarette smoker for over 10 years, and this is the ONE thing that tho not marketed for such reason/use has helped me to quit smoking immediately. I have been Cigarette free ever since. This product vastly improved my life and my health.
214 KrisHolliday I am very happy to finally be free of cigarettes after 40 years of smoking. That these organizations are attempting to ban the devices that allowed me to accomplish this is mind boggling.
215 JasonDarnieder  
216 OrleiFabricio banning electronic cigarettes is going to lead its users to buy their needs on the black market or worst yet back to smoking the deadly regular ones. regulate - yes
217 vitocentrone The American Association of Public Health Physicians has stated that the electronic cigarette is at least a thousand times less hazardous to human health than regular cigarettes, and supports legalization.
218 LeonardMorris The use of e-cigarettes have enabled me to quit a 25+ year habit of smoking 2 cartons of cigarettes a week. I have weened myself down to zero nicotine with this when other methods have failed.
219 mikebuzzetti Signed , please bcome informed about electronic devices and the E-cig in particular
220 BrianLudwig I have completely quit smoking tobacco since switching to the e-cig. I feel better both mentally and physically. A ban to the e-cig will cause me to return to smoking, disease, and a shorter life span.
221 DavidWoolfe I'm smoke free for 6 weeks now because of e-cigs. If they are banned, I will definitely return to smoking.
222 MatthewCika After 6 years of a pack a day, E-cigarettes are the ONLY alternative that has successfully rid me the habit of regular cigarettes (within 7 days!). I feel as healthy as I've ever been.
223 LeslieLee I have smoked cigarettes for over 30 years, The Ecig has helped me quit the habit permanantly. Please do not ban them!!
224 CarolKrisanda E-Cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes-Smokeless)E- Cigarettes: Gains and how it affects me.Immediate improvements: Breathing stronger and easier, Sinuses clear/not congested all the time, sleeping better and not snoring, eye dryness/not putting eye drops in
225 willhay Don't ban e cigs, we should have the right to use them as they are the best alternative to tobacco yet!
226 MarcusMonnier Our whole family is healthier do to E_cig,without it ?
227 TracyAlvarez I was a smoker for 18 years, and smoked 30 cigarettes a day. The day I got my e-cig kit, was the day I stopped smoking. That was 190+ days ago, and I couldn't be happier. I feel great, and I can breathe normally. Don't ban this potential lifesaver!
228 SHAWNCROSS I quit a 28 year smoking addiction in 5 days using my e-cigarette.That was a month ago.
229 NancyAustin  
230 FredHammon After 40+ of smoking cigarettes and trying to quit, I received my 1st E-Cigarette a little over 3 weeks ago and I haven't smoked since. I don't ever want to smoke again. My lungs are clearer now, cough is gone and my sense of smell has returned.
231 KarenMarsh After 46 years of smoking a pack a day and attempts to quit which include hypnosis, Zyban, stop smoking classes, the patch, cold turkey, and support groups I have found the electronic cigarette, which actually WORKS! You must reconsider your stance
232 KellyHaynes  
233 AmandaRector  
234 RipWashington Hard to fathom why so much effort is being used to stop the use of a healthier smoking alternative; while the sale of tobacco products, an ESTABLISHED health risk, is allowed to proliferate. Kind of makes you wonder who is really being protected.
235 RyanToupal Thanks,
236 KevinLambourne Don't make me go back to cigarettes
237 EdwardSweet These work and are much less harmful (if harmful at all) than any actual cigarette. Family members who have switched have seen remarkable health improvements and decreased their dependency by lowering nicotine levels slowly.
238 JackieGlinkie Please do not ban e-cigs. I was a pack a day smoker until I got my e-cig. I have finally stopped using cigarettes after smoking a pack a day for 27 years. I had tried several other approved methods to quit and none of them worked. I am finally smoke free.
239 KimLovett  
240 KatharineMaclean I am a ALS Paramedic and have seen, first hand, the long term effect of smoking cigarettes on countless patients. However, even THIS was NOT enough to make me want to quit smoking. Now, I 'vape' and don't SMOKE. I feel amazing! Do NOT ban these, PLEASE.
241 CraigSottile Let Freedom Ring
242 MichelleDail e-cigs have helped me quit a 30+ year smoking habit. They have save my life!
243 RicQuinn I would like for E-Cigs to stay in play. I don't smoke but it is a healthier choice for my daughters to be able to breath normal air!!
244 michaelTully Don't take away this awesome device. It is saving so many lives!
245 StuartAnderson Please do not ban the e-cigarette!!!
246 JustinCoffey Got myself, and my parents off cigarettes!
247 SheriDornhecker After 40 years of smoking a pack a day of cigarettes, I now smoke 1 cigarette a day. That is solely because of the electronic cigarette that I started using over a year ago. I had no intention of quitting at the time. I just did. Please do not ban it.
248 MariaThomas Electronic Cigarrettes have done what no other quit smoking alternative has. I have quit smoking completely and hope to never pick another cigarrette up. I may live long enough to see my grandchildren now.
249 NatalieVanderheiden  
250 MargaretWard Please do not take this product away from me. I have completely stopped smoking cigarettes for over 3 months now and I do not want to be forced to turn back to them if I can't have my e cigarette. They are helping many, many people just like myself.
251 BradOwen  
252 MirandaMonroe I have been cigarette for for 3 months- and ONLY because I used electronic cigarettes as a means to quit.
253 StephanieScoyne I use an electronic cig to keep me away from tobacco cigarettes and its worked for over a year, no plans on quitting the e-cig.
254 TueBackhausen Electronic cigarettes have probably saved my life. They should rightly be called personal vapourizers, as they have nothing to do with real cigarettes. I went from smoking 30 real cigarettes a day to 0, and have had major health benefits!
255 ChrisBrown e-cigarettes made it possible for me to completely quit tobacco. I no longer cough in the morning or wheeze at night and I feel much less fatigued in general.
256 ChrissieGary For almost 30 years I used to be a very heavy smoker - up to 50 cigarettes a day. I tried to cut down/give up via every other method available but nothing worked until bought my first e-cig 2 years ago.
257 StevenMullins  
258 TavisHord please do not ban. much better than tobacco products.
259 NinaCabrera  
260 PeterZubarick Please do not ban e-cigarettes. I stopped smoking after 11 years thanks to e-cigarettes. After 3 months of nicotine e-liquids usage I changed to zero nicotine levels! Now I'm completely nicotine and tar free which is unbelievable. best regards Peter
261 ShaniWaninger  
262 JimKnudson smoked for 44 years , started vaping on January 06, 2010 and have not had another cigarette since. I tried everything under the sun to quit and this has een the only one that has worked.
263 KennethHunter 40 year smoker, 2 packs a day. Have been smoke free 1 year. Ecigs have done what no other alternative was able to do.. Save my life.
264 RyanVeach I believe electronic cigarettes can save thousands of lives, including my own. I feel so much healthier now that I use an e-cigarette instead of tobacco (I breathe better and don't cough) Please support a healthier alternative to tabacco.
265 SergeiGoloborodov The e-cig is a wonderful product. I feel great. I don't cough nearly as much and I am still able to do something I enjoy as a consenting adult. This product has positively affected almost ever aspect of my life from health to relationships.
266 BRIANKOCH These devices are way better for us than ciggaretes!
267 GeneFee E-cigarettes have broken my 30 year addiction to smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is the ONLY product I have purchased that has actually worked! (I've tried patches, nicotine gum, chantix, cold-turkey withdrawal..all to no avail)
268 MildredBarrentine I want to live!! Let us keep our e cigs please!!
269 DorothyHall eCigarettes helped my partner get off cigarettes after 40 years as a smoker. Do NOT shut this down!!
270 AndrewMikolajczyk I've been using e-cigs for 6 months now, and I'm feeling much healthier. I did not intend to quit smoking and if these are banned I will get them black market or go back to tobacco. the ALA and it's ilk would be murdering people with this ban.
271 ChrisMeek Don't force me to smoke cigarettes. Keep vaping legal.
272 TravisClark  
273 zoyamartin  
274 GabrielleLange Ecigs saved my life!
275 CandaceMyers  
276 LindaEllis Electronic cigarettes have made it possible for me to quit smoking tobacco for 7 weeks now. Please do not contribute to the removal of such a helpful, life giving device.
277 DeniseRamos When you said smoking was hazardous, I listened and believed. I tried to quit using "approved" methods. Did not work.When you said walnuts were drugs, I quit listening to you. Now,listen to me. I have stopped smoking since using the ecig.Leave it alone
278 justinavery e cigs should not be banned, they should be researched and regulated of coarse, but not banned.
279 SamuelCannard-Curtis I am and ex-smoker for a year now. I was a two pack a day man and have been smoking over 20yrs. I tried so many times to give up tobacco using tradition methods and all failed. My health and life have been turned around by using an Electronic Cigarette.
280 JeremyEvans Please do not take away my right to use the e cigarette. I feel way better then when i smoked tobaco...
281 IanDash The E Cigarette has greatly reduced my daily tobacco intake in less than 72 hours of use. Lung and throat irritation are reduced significantly. My reading of lab research on veggie glycerin and prop. glycol have shown that e-cigs are at least safer.
282 JeffreyFisher I have been addicted to opiates and other substances and have quit using them being clean now for 4 years. But I couldn't manage to quit smoking until I started using a E-cig. I have been smoke free now for a year thanks to E-cigs and feel much better!
283 JimRothenberger Public Citizen, the voice of the people? The “health” associations, organized to look out for our Health? Who are you the voice of? You certainly are not the voice for the 40 to 60 million smokers in this country. You certainly aren’t the voice for th
284 DonnaPeters As a former smoker using ecigarettes, I adamantly believe that ecigarettes are life-savers!
285 charlessullivan  
286 MaryMcAllister I stop smoking with e-cig 3 years ago. Please don't ban this product,it has help alot of people stop and it is the best thing that has come around.
287 FrankRey  
288 JonOveracker I smoked (past tense) for 23 years. Until I discovered the Ecigarette. These really work, and to ban them would be detrimental to public health.
289 yvonneperkins I'm 66 yrs. old, smoked cigarettes for 50 of those years, about 2 pks a day the last 20 yrs.Figured I'd die with a cigarette in hand strapped to an oxygen tank. I discovered ecigs Oct. 23, 2009,and I haven't had, wanted, or craved a cigarette since that d
290 MichaelGroisman  
291 RickLosie I agree that any solution to remove users addicted to nicotine is helpful, therefor i sign this petition in saying I feel that electronic cigarettes should be left legal. And kept from children. Let the people decide for themselves.
292 jameswarren i highly support the use of E-cig as a alternative to smoking. i support restricting the sales to adults only. i support further studies on the devices and liquids.
293 DiKerry I support electronic cigarettes totally, they helped me to quit smoking tobacco in less than 4 days, after many years of unsuccessful attempts to quit using the pharmacy try to quit products. Please allow Adults to use these products to help themselves.
294 TalorTuring I smoked 2+ packs a day for 43 years. E-cigarettes provided my *only* means to quit and are my *only* hope to remain smoke-free (and loved ones/neighbors from being exposed). Banning such an effective tool is not in *anyone's* best health interests.
295 AlanHuckaby e-cigarettes have kept me from smoking tobacco cigs for over 7 mths and counting. same for Mom, wife and sister my lung power has improved, and we have not been sick over the winter( which always happens) they are saving the lives that are important.
296 OscarMerriweather  
297 JoshuaSmith These personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes)are saving lives. I switched so I could live to watch my children grow up. Why would anyone want to be rid of such a beautiful.helpful. tool. Please make the right decision.
298 GinaWhitehouse We have rights and vaping is one of them! This is my life, no yours so butt out of it and leave me alone. I will vape weather you want me to or not, plane and simple. YOU DO NOT control my life only God and myself do, NOT YOU OR ANY GOVERNMENT!
299 daviddaughtridge  
300 KenParese