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5301 RobertDahlgren  
5302 PeterSarkozi Quit smoking after 15 years. Been vaping 3 months. No caughs, better breathe, more energy.
5303 PeterOlah  
5304 MackenzieFolmsbee  
5305 BrianOrlando 18 years of smoking 3 packs a day. Quit in 1 day with my ecig. Now it's a year and a 1/4 later and I'm still smoke free. Health is vastly better now. Denying this success goes against the very foundation these organizations stand for.
5306 GarySpring I have been smoke free after 38 years of smoking due to changing over to E-cigs. Please help us so I don't go back to smoking. I have tried all of the other options and theu didn't work for me. I want to live.
5307 stephanietitch  
5308 KathleenOsborn  
5309 MarleneSmith Please stop trying to ban ecigs. They are saving lives of smokers that have tried everything on the market that doctors give us to quit smoking with. Those things are useless. The ecig is the only thing that has accomplished that for me after 45 years.
5310 AddieKarch  
5311 JasonPolascak I smoked for 17yrs. and could not run 1/2 a mile, I finally found e-cigs 3yrs. ago and have not smoked a real cigarette since, I'm now running 5miles 3 to 4 times a wk. My lungs speak for themselves. Please don't take these away.
5312 SeanMcBratnie  
5313 RobertDavis  
5314 AnthonyMilosz  
5315 CarrieMcBratnie My husband was a smoker for 20yrs and this is the only thing that has worked to keep him off cigarettes.
5316 tonywilliams  
5317 DominikLipka  
5318 MelindaArcher  
5320 christopherlarsen the e cigarettes are great they have saved some of my families life and I would like to thank them not criticize them or try to ban them for helping people quit smoking which in my opinion is one of the hardest addictions to quit
5321 Jonathandel Prado  
5322 MikeSchalk  
5323 CindyWheeler  
5324 PeteGrandstaff After more than a decade of smoking and dozens of quitting attempts, I gave up smoking within days of getting an e-cigarette.
5325 RichardZuba  
5326 AndreasBarilaro We go for it - it is a worldwide issue
5327 JesseHafemeister  
5328 nanhogg  
5329 johnshamamyan E-CIGS HAVE HELPED ME QUIT SMOKING I AM 19 years old starting smoking at age 12!
5330 shaunwallace I would really hate to see the electronic cigarettes banned from the market place. I was a smoker for over 12 years and am now 30 years old. I have not had a traditional cigarette in 11 months and would not want to return.Please Reconsider
5331 GranForsberg  
5332 DavidHumphrey Smoked for 30+ years, been 100% clean for last 6 months without any Urges to even light up. P.S. It Is Not Smoking BY Definition!
5333 JimLambrose  
5334 jeffreywolodkowicz stop the nonsense now
5335 curybybulicurybybuli In a nutshell, an easy to assemble, nice-looking organization solution for your Wii. Lawns using very fine grasses make for an amazing looking lawn, but require heavy maintenance and are more fragile. Not so with the United States; since expanding to cove
5336 ToddRhoades  
5337 Julie D.Vlaminck I was a "committed smoker", as was my husband. Hubby came back from oxygen, I ordered our starter kits online from California, we no longer smoke. Don't ban e-cigs. They help! We know we can get off the nicotine.
5338 LawrenceGrace  
5339 MichaelMukite E-Cigarettes help me quit in just 3 days. Afterwards I was able to wean off nicotine in just 3 weeks. Please allow these devices to be used to help others like they have helped me.
5340 JamesWade  
5341 CynthiaKalczynski  
5342 JillyJiao Dear sir/madam, This is sales manager Jilly from Zhengzhou Moor Technology CO.Ltd, Which is one of the largest E cigarette factories in China. We can supply various ecigs , support OEM order, have CE and ROHS certificate, and our wholesale price h
5343 CoreyBacklund Electronic cigarettes are NOT tobacco products and have no reason to be taxed as such!
5344 EdwardSmith Electronic cigaretts are saving my life.
5345 JoeEllzey  
5346 TomAuthor STOP for ActaSmoking.
5347 JimApplebaugh  
5348 RichardMorton  
5349 VickieSandack  
5350 JohnBeers  
5351 KerigPope  
5352 DaleSandwick  
5353 CindyLanning Smoke for 40 years, thanksto vaping smoke free for 2 years, saved my life.
5354 DianneBrown  
5355 mikepayton  
5356 ArkadiuszDomagala I is desired to sign (to subscribe) under this petition too
5357 Ralph JWeisberg  
5358 KonradWinnicki To whom it may concern. If You really care about peoples health so much tell all the cigarettes companies to STOP producing them. But for You it's much better to stop e-cigarretes because You wouldn't get as much money as You get from tobacos companies
5359 MichaelMorris  
5360 KaylaGaisne  
5361 CatherineRice 30 year cigarette smoker no more thanks to E-cigs! Don't take this away from me. I don't want to go back to cancer sticks!
5362 BrieTrenerry I quit smoking tobacco the second I received my e-cig. No cough, no smell and I vape much less than I used to smoke. I have tried NRT products and failed every time. With the ecig I quit tobacco instantly & will not smoke tobacco ever again.
5363 PaulRussell  
5364 BrandonSwartz I had a lung collapse. And cigarettes made me unable to breathe. I couldn't walk down the stairs without feeling like I was going to pass out. I was 21. After two days with my electronic cigarette I could run a whole mile without stopping for a breath.
5365 MarekJanecki  
5366 HelenLewis I have been 'vaping' for over a year now, and have even lowered the nicotine amount to '0'. The pv, (personal vaporizor), has satisfied my need for the hand to mouth habit that most of us oral obsessive people have. Please keep vaping legal!
5367 AdamUrantowka  
5368 RehamAbul-Wafa I never thought I would be able to stop smoking cigarettes until I switched to ecigs! They are a life saver and I feel a lot healthier and better! Support something that actually works, not the patch and other pharma stuff that are an epic failure!
5369 AgnieszkaBasiukiewicz  
5370 JasonSlighte I have been using electronic cigarettes since Jan. 2012 and I had been a smoker for over 20 years. I feel that vaping is the most effective way to quit smoking. I hope that society will come to understand that there is life after smoking.
5371 tomreid please leave us our e cigs alone! fix the budget make yourself useful!!!!!!
5372 JacekKsiezyk Without the electronic cigarette I would smoke on analogues. I tried everything. Only the electronic cigarette to help me.
5373 timguigon  
5374 EtienneHenry From Belgium : Smoking for 30 years and tried to stop with patches, pills and other stupid methods without succes. Now, I'm vaping since 6 month and slowly lower my nicotine. Feel that I've find a durable solution for my addiction to nicotine.
5375 ChrisTonks Smoked for over 25 years been vaping 119 days and feel fantastic lost my smokers cough and have more energy :)
5376 stevenkramer this is the one thing which saved my life and allowed me to stop smoking, tried everything else doctores meds hypnotism etc, crazy idiotic to ban a great product
5377 SzymonDowalewski  
5378 IzaCzapla  
5379 RicMcCoy  
5380 noamrosenbaum If electronic cigarettes are less harmful, why should they be banned?
5381 gigelgigilescu  
5382 PeteWiens  
5383 StevenBelcher Please stop this nonsense our government can use it's resources and taxpayers money more wisely . Please I urged you to stop this. 100 of thousand already benefit from using personal vaping devices if you take this away from us.
5384 ElliottAnderson Don't let ecigs be outlawed
5385 HootGibson Don't ban something that saves lives. Ban the killer...not the solution!
5386 JohnHuebner smoked 2 packs a day for 35 years. Even loosing part of a lung could not make me quit. I chewed nicotine gum & smoking at the same time. Since switching to e-cigs 2 years ago I have not touched a cigarette.
5387 PaulaDavis I fully support this as a safe & effective alternative!!!
5388 markhoenigman I started smoking when I was 15yrs old. I’m now 41yrs old. I switched to the e-cig about 2yrs ago. I love it and I feel great, I have not felt this good for a long time. I see the e-cig as one of the greatest inventions of modern times.
5389 HollyQuirk My New year resolution was to quit smoking. I have tried what seemed to work for me before. I tried a friend's battery and decided to get my own. Still haven't smoked a cigarette and no cravings. You can't take that away from me. - Holly Quirk
5390 kevinayers  
5391 LeeDugger e-cigs have kept me off the real thing and have renewed my health 10x what it was on regular cigs.
5392 MelissaWhitehead The CA Legislature has lost their damn minds! What's next? Banning BBQ's? What about the thick smog over my head? It sure isn't all water vapor, which is the byproduct of Vaporizing off an E-Cig. Just because it's called an E-Cig doesn't mean it's a REAL
5393 iftikarDin stopped smoking using this. Am now healthier.
5394 OlegsKokojevs Bought my 1st electronic cigarette about 4 years ago and since have never looked back to analogue cigarettes. E-smoking helped and others around me tremendously. I know that e-liquid I use is safe.
5395 JamieCulbertson  
5396 ColtonMurphy I found e-cigs and have never looked back. I believe they are a death pardon to some and a healthier alternative to many more, please make the right choice. Thank you.
5397 DonaldCamp  
5398 DouglasWiltse I have been a smoker for over 20 years i got a e cig the first time because a girlfriend of mine hated the smell of cig smoke i used it and was surprized that it even worked let alone i liked it more then my real smokes! I rarely use tobacco now
5399 IvanaMatic  
5400 DeanHutton